Our Media Training Courses

Message Testing & Media Consultancy

We’ve been working with the public relations consultancies, Comms Teams and press offices of a wide variety of organisations to help them to improve their communications since 1996.

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Working closely with your communications professionals under strict NDAs we can test your corporate messages against the exacting journalistic standards of our experienced journalists.

Whether it’s positive, proactive PR or a defensive communications position we can look in depth at what you’re saying, who you’re saying it to and how you’re saying it.

Communications Consultancy

We’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t. We’ll advise you on how to beef up your messages where necessary and how to develop and amend these messages so that they really work with the media that you’re aiming to communicate with.

Our communications experts can suggest tried and trusted techniques to tweak your messages to grab attention and persuade audiences more effectively.

Communicate Media can also offer advice on how to include social media in your conventional media activities and we can put your spokespeople through realistic interviews to explore how effective these messages are and to see how well they’ll come across. As always, we’ll offer detailed advice and a written report after the course as well as ongoing telephone support.