Media Training

Conference Package

Our conference packages have been carefully put together for those who are due to give presentations at conferences and events.

We’ve often found that our speechwriters are creating an engaging, dynamic, persuasive speech which our presentation experts are then helping the speaker to deliver in a way that has energy and conviction and that will grab and maintain the audiences attention.

Our journalist/media trainers have then been training the speaker to handle media interviews and enquiries after the presentation.

So we’ve decided now to bring all these important skills together in a one stop shop for conference speakers, CEOs and leaders of charities, NGOs and lobbying groups. Our conference package includes professional speechwriting, expert advice on delivery, vocal skills and body language plus media training help so that you can handle media interviews following what has been a very successful, persuasive presentation.

As with all our courses and offerings, our Conference Package is spoke to you and your needs. We’ll take a brief from you and then create something that fits your timescale, budget and personal preferences.