Training Courses

Crisis Management Training

BP and the Gulf of Mexico disaster, NatWest and cashpoint failures, data breaches from governmental organisations – there’s nothing the media likes more than a crisis. And these days the stakes are even higher and risks even greater with crisis management thanks to social media.
We used to talk about the “golden hour,” that hour after an incident when an organisation could take control before reports started hitting the media. These days that golden period is down to minutes.


Handling a crisis

Handle it badly and your organisation could be damaged forever and even go out of business. But handle it well and you could see your reputation grow – and your business with it.
Communicate Media’s crisis management courses are delivered by experienced journalists, press officers and crisis consultants who will develop a fast moving, authentic crisis scenario for your organisation and use this test your organisation’s communications capabilities.
From writing holding statements to handling to press conferences and from using your website to giving statements on the door step statement as well as handling difficult questions during interviews we’ll ensure that every aspect of the crisis situation is explored fully.

Advice on dealing with crisis situations

We’ll work with your Comms Team or PR consultants to create a believable, relevant crisis situation. This will then unfold realistically over a morning, a day or even a couple of days. As with all our training courses, the exercises are followed by detailed feedback on how your teams did and advice for further action.
Operating under strict NDAs we have worked with airlines, food companies, hotels, pharmaceutical groups, hospitals and others to help test and improve their crisis situation communications.  Many organisations wait until after a crisis has hit them to test their crisis response. Come and talk to us about how you can do it beforehand.