Training Courses

Conference Media Training Workshop

We recently created a media training package for a client that worked so well and had such great feedback that we’ve started to offer it more widely.

Our client, a major pharmaceutical company, was holding one of a number of sales conferences in Barcelona. Those attending included sales and marketing people, doctors, senior management, key suppliers and other employees.

 Practice media interviews with feedback

We set up shop in a meeting room in the conference hotel, near to where the plenary sessions were taking place. Anyone attending the conference could then drop in and do a practice press, radio or TV interview and get some instant feedback on their performance. They could also ask our journalists questions or get advice about doing interviews and handling the media in a safe, confidential environment.

Members of the Corporate Comms team were also in attendance to talk about how they dovetailed into the journalists’ world and about their own role within the organisation. It was a great opportunity for them to flag up their work and meet more members of the company – and to gather some new story ideas to pitch to the media.

 Media training and advice in a relaxed, confidential environment

Our experienced journalist/media trainers were able to give advice in a relaxed, informal but confidential environment. Similarly, employees from the organisation holding the conference who were nervous about talking to the media and were unsure about committing to a whole day of media training at this stage were able to get advice, exchange ideas and talk to real, live working journalists in a safe, relaxed environment.