Irene Mallis


A multi-award winning radio professional

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It’s so easy to give the wrong impression by not communicating a clear message. I have many years’ experience helping clients to make sure that they always hit the spot.

Irene Mallis is an award winning radio professional who worked as a staff producer and then editor for BBC Radio for several years before launching her own independent production company making programmes for BBC Radio 4, Five Live, BBC World service and the independent radio sector. Her company won 2 of the industry’s coveted radio Sony awards as well as introducing new talent such as Carol Smilie and Graham Norton.

She started in local radio and moved to Radio 4 and then Five Live, becoming responsible their weekly flagship shows, Breakaway and Going Places. She was also responsible for the outside broadcast coverage of major State Events such as royal weddings, providing simultaneous commentaries to broadcast organisations all over the world with audiences of millions.