Gail Downey

An experienced journalist and broadcaster who uses those skills to support clients with media training.

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Media training is about helping people understand how they can help themselves and the journalist get their story across. It is rewarding to see delegates grow in confidence knowing they
have the skills and knowledge to avoid the traps yet still be themselves.

Gail Downey is an experienced journalist and broadcaster who has used those skills to support clients with media training. She has worked across a wide range of sector from health to finance working with groups and individuals to help them build confidence and understand what to do in a crisis situation. Gail has worked both in the UK and abroad running media training and presentation courses. She has worked as a broadcaster for both BBC radio and TV and ITV news including presenting business programmes and specialises in live broadcasting for networks all over the world.

Gail is also a documentary filmmaker producing films for the BBC – most recently about stem cell research for rheumatoid arthritis. In the science and technology sector Gail has worked with the pharmaceutical industry, scientists working on alternative energies, space projects and DNA. Her media training has included helping organisations build their corporate communications strategy together with running digital publicity campaigns from the Department of Health to manufacturers wanting to reach a global audience.