David Fanthorpe

David Fanthorpe

An experienced communicator and trainer with expert knowledge of Whitehall and government.

I’m one of those (admittedly unusual) people who finds politics fascinating, so I count myself really lucky that I can earn a living following what’s going on and helping others pick their way through the Westminster and Whitehall maze.

David has more then twenty years’ experience of public affairs consultancy. Unusually, he has worked on both sides of the political – policy divide: initially, after graduating from Oxford with a degree in Classics, as a Whitehall civil servant and later as a senior adviser at Conservative Party HQ. He became deputy director of the Conservative Research Department and advised Party Chairmen and Ministers, briefing them for media appearances and writing briefing materials and policy papers. He has also been a local councillor and Parliamentary candidate, and chaired a local constituency party.

As a consultant he has advised a wide range of businesses, large and small, as well as public bodies and third sector organisations. He has a particular interest in Parliamentary procedure and the work of Select Committees.   Although he has ranged across a great number of different business sectors, he has worked most frequently in the areas of healthcare, environment, technology, transport, financial services and construction.

David has advised on responding to select committee inquiries, lobbying on legislative and regulatory change, establishing a government relations function, promoting products and services to the public sector and developing corporate public affairs and stakeholder relations programmes. He has also drafted a great many submissions to inquiries and consultations, and written and edited longer reports and in-depth policy analyses.

He greatly enjoys imparting his experience in public affairs and lifelong interest in UK politics, and in effective and persuasive writing, through training and mentoring others.